LES FINAL 1600x1600
The title is pretty self explanatory: this is the last release published involving the use of Korg Electribe as the main tool. ‘Rocking Heads’ and ‘Shape Shifter’ are the most sophisticated tracks, DAW has been implemented for arrangement and editing purposes although the composition is entirely made with the old toy! ‘Wave Crest’ and ‘Funky N’ Freaky’ are cool live recordings from Abrasive live sessions in studio (ex The Boogie Trap Recording & Rehearsal Studio), re-polished and mastered with the collaboration of Green Vibes studio (Italy).
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FUNK ERA (2019)
FUNK ERA 2_Tavola disegno 1.jpg
Third Release, features great songs made essentially with KORG Electribe 2, a hint of KaossPad 3+ and has been mostly live recorded at The Boogie trap Recording and Rehearsal Studio (Fred Fontane) in Chiswick, West London. DAW has been implemented only to edit parts on the song Solar Sax. The songs Funk Era (Winged Lion) and Cocktail have previous unmastered versions that have been selected for an all hardware electronic music contest hosted by CremaCaffe’Design: Winged Lion got the 2nd place! This EP is released independently.
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PASTE (2019)
1 BIANCO_Tavola disegno 1.jpg
Almost entirely created with KORG Electribe 2 and KaossPad 3+, this second release starts with the title-track “Paste” which definitely wants to incarnate the Abrasive sound in a ninja blade bass that alternates parts of heavy sub with a gritty decimator effect, on a catchy and deadly low tempo journey. Follows “Junkdroid Breaks”, a space bass breaks track, and finishes with “Atmosplit”, an other beat-like composition on low tempo and anti-gravitational saw bass parts. On this 3-track EP a research of new sounds, styles and techniques stand out, and the sound quality has noticeably improved. Special thanks are going to Alberto Pigazzi from Green Vibes Studio (ITALY) who contributed with some of his great EQing tools and mastering skills.
This EP is also released under Boomtic Records
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The Abrasive Collection is a 10-track daw-less album, which means the mix and the execution has been recorded raw and there has been no software editing, only a final mastering process after the recording. It is a collection because there are different genres in it: from EDM, House & Techno, to Dubstep and Drum & Bass. It is the result of years of practicing with almost exclusively one piece of musical hardware equipment: the Korg EMX. There are only some additional filters and effects from the Roland SP404SX, utilised really occasionally (an expert ear will recognise them!).
DOWNLOAD The Abrasive Collection

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