T O D A Y   &   R E C E N T L Y

Currently working on bootleg remixes/re-edits using vocals from all-time famous pop stars, rock icons, rappers, plus a bunch of new original Abrasive mixes.
That Cherry (Blow) and Crazy Train – OZZY OSBOURNE bootleg remix are out now for free streaming and FREE download on Soundcloud, shout out to www.justphunk.com for post processing and mastering this, and the next few bootlegs for sure 😉
The most recent EP ‘LAST ELECTRIBE STUFF’ is out on all digital platforms, it’s the final release showcasing Abrasive’s work with the Electribes (KORG). Post processed and mastered at Green Vibes Studio (Italy), it will probably be some of the last music which implements the almost exclusive use of the popular groove boxes.
In 2019 Abrasive has performed in 4 showssome hosted by Baseline Sounds crew, thanks to which he had the chance to support big names on the house/dance music scene in clubs like Lightbox and Egg (London). A 5th gig took place during summer in Piove di Sacco, Italy (American Bar). The 6th and last show of 2019 was at the launch party of ‘Open Deck Night’ hosted by Meraki Crew in London.
Abrasive has also participated to two collaborations: one on a Boomtic Records techno compilation and the second with MikeWhitePresents .
Two EPs have been released during this year, both a bit different from each other in terms of sound: “Paste”, released with Boomtic Records, made of 3 songs generated by pure exploration of new sounds and influences, later “Funk Era” released in August independently again, with a more aimed electro/house/funk vibe. Sounds fresh and cool!
The first release is “The Abrasive Collection” and has been released Sept 2018. It’s a playlist of 10 tracks chosen from a huge list of own production. It touches various electronic genres and it is the result of a considerable period of time dedicated to learning and experimenting with electronic music on a 360′ angle. The Abrasive Collection, is released independently. Its tracks are all hardware live recorded and executed in studio, post processed and mastered by Alex Carli Guitar (see discography for more details). 

P A S T   A C T I V I T Y

Abrasive’s music culture begins to develop just before high school, listening to Rock & Metal bands and learning how to play guitar. Later on He switches to Punk Rock, Hip Hop and, eventually, to Electronic Music.
His most important musical experience is undoubtedly playing with Eat You Alive (2008-2013), a Hardcore Punk Rock Italian band where he’s been the guitarist and main composer for 4 intense years!
1915220_100735533285797_7755734_n.jpg   216816_1708665914189_3471460_n.jpgNew Pic Eya EPK.png
His experience with EYA got him traveling around Italy in a big underground scene of musical and alternative events, collecting different experiences and great memories among bars, squats, clubs, skateparks and even mountain lakes! EYA eventually became big in the Hardcore Punk scene, gathering many fans all over the country, touring Europe and performing with big names from all over the world like VitaminX from Netherlands and Common Enemy from the U.S.
EYA logo.png Listen to Eat You Alive on Bandcamp also see HERE AND NOW! RECORDS
While performing with the Band, He starts a one-man electronic side project, which is the root of Abrasive: patterns and patterns of gritty badass HardTechno, made from one piece of gear: the Korg EMX. He manages to perform with his live set at some local rave parties. The main influences of the artist in this environment have been mainly HardTechno, Trance, Drum n Bass, Dubstep and all of the other names you like to call electronic music.
Leaves Eat You Alive in 2013 and moves to London.